Welcome at the Olfactory Institute

Scent, perfumes, odors, pheromones, smells…

Scents are magic, as they hit the nose and the brain directly. They immediately evoke memories, make us feel in a certain way and can change how we act or behave.

we are working for many years in the world of perfumes and scents and are developers and consultants working together with some of the best noses and producers in the world.

We love to make everything differently, to change how we use perfumes and scents… The world of perfumes is so endlessly rich, yet the way how we speak about perfumes is often incredibly dull and boring… Let’s change that!

Daniel Plettenberg, founder of the OI

We educate:

In our courses one can learn about the history of perfume making and the different essences. We help you so that you can train your nose to be better prepared to smell different scent aspects.

We consult:

No matter if you are a curious perfume lover or the owner of a hotel brand that wants to create their own signature scent, we help you from the start to the final product.

We as developers are proud to have our international network of creatives, producers and noses.

We are looking forward to get to know you and Viel Spaß!